Jago Uddokta ltd secured delivery

If confirmation of receipt is insufficient for important documents that have to be handed in on time, such as contract cancellations and court documents, or if such confirmations cannot be obtained in the first place, we can offer you legally secured delivery. This is an additional service that allows you to prove the delivery of a certain item.

The benefits:

  • very short transit times using our high-performance express shipping network
  • legally recognised, on-time delivery of documents that are subject to deadlines
  • standardised processing and trained couriers for total reliability
  • Proofed by using a delivery report that is completed on site – the report is sent to you electronically on the same day.
  • immediate feedback in the event of procedural obstacles so that we can coordinate on how to move forward
  • customised insurance solutions for maximum security – protecting you against potential consequential damages, such as those caused by delay
  • avoid tying up your own resources in the delivery of sensitive content, which
  • demands time and money
  • data protection compliant with jagoaffiliatebd.com
  • optional: return of original delivery report